The magic of a kiss better (chronic pain)

The magic of a kiss better. Some people might say a child needs to man up, that they’re okay, to stop being such a mummy’s boy. But in reality they know. They’re not expecting a kiss that will take away their pain but the reassurance from a mother that it’s going to be okay. These thoughts have been travelling round and round my mind recently. It’s something I resonate with suffering with chronic pain. I know my pain cannot just be taken away, however even as an adult I want nothing more than to be kissed better. I want to be reassured that even though the pain is real, everything will be okay. Just like you tell your child how brave and strong they are. That is what I need right now. Even from myself. I haven’t been giving myself those kind words or justice. I have been focusing on the pain and the pain only. How it affects my life, how it gets me down, how much it hurts. I need to focus on my strengths. How strong I can be, how well I deal with it every damn day, how fucking amazing I am. It’s okay to have wobbles and let yourself feel the pain and the negatives once in a while but you have to be careful because they can completely consume you. They can take over your life and affect it much worse than the pain ever could. It’s so easy to slip into this negative pattern. You need to fight for yourself, for your life. Do not ever give up. Allow yourself the pain, the hurt, the guilt but let it pass and remind yourself of your strength, your determination, your power. I always stress to people close to me, I don’t expect them to fully understand all my problems but to support me, just hear me out with no judgement and no argument against it. Just to be there for me, because that is what I need. Even as an adult, we need that kiss better. I always call my Mum when I’m sad, she raised me, she gets it and will always be there for me, but not everyone gets it. Not everyone has the same beliefs or understanding and that’s okay because like I said, I am asking for nothing but support. A hug, a text, a pat on the shoulder, a “how are you coping?”. It’s that kindness that can help someone who is suffering (with anything) to feel that little bit better. Be kind to yourself. Focus on your strength. You’ve got this. You’ve got this far and you can continue to win. There’s more power in your mind, in your thoughts than you think.

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