Tula Baby Toddler Review

This is an honest review – neither gifted or a paid advertisment

I’m going to start by saying I wish I’d have purchased a carrier a long time ago. I was under the impression they where for babies, not toddlers. That lead me onto debating whether my 2 year old was too big to warrant a carrier. My family say I need to be firm and force him to walk but in reality this will be a godsend for (at least) the next year.So first off, yes it’s expensive at £129.00 however for me, it is also an investment for my next child. If it’s going to be used alot then it’s worth it. It’s perfect for walks, long days out or even just nipping to the shops. It’s great quality, robust and there are plenty of beautiful designs to chose from. A bonus for me is that it’s not too big and bulky so it’s easy to pack if your going away. When it’s not in use, if he wants to do a little bit of walking, I just leave it strapped around my middle and take of the shoulder straps (picture a jumper tied around your waist). Then it’s ready when he gets tired and wants to jump back in.It’s easy to use, I can get my 2 year old in and out by myself with ease. Takes a little practice to get the hang of it but once you’ve practiced a couple of times it’s fine. It’s really supportive which, with me having a had hip, is fantastic and Albert is really comfortable in their too. I was worried about his comfort as you don’t see many older children in carries but honestly he loves it. There’s plenty of room for him, it’s basically like a supported piggy back (except he doesn’t have to hold on!). It’s comfortable for me too, padded shoulders and lots of support for both adult and toddler.Overall I’m absolutely in love with it! Toddler carrying is just as good and easy as baby wearing! It has honestly made my life so much easier, no more aching arms or grumpy toddler because Mummy’s too tired to carry him. It’s just the thing for when they’re getting bigger but not yet old enough to handle big adventures by themselves! Perfect for long walks where you can’t take the pushchair and tired children who have had busy days out. I would definitely recommend!

https://tulababy.co.uk/collections/baby-tula-toddler-carrier (not affiliate)

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