Eyewake Collagen Gel Review

So I was super excited when I received Eyewake Collagen Gel, I mean, what Mum doesn’t need something to target dark circles and puffiness?!

I’ve been using this for almost 2 weeks now. It’s nice and refreshing to use, no stickiness, and you only need to use a tiny amount so it goes a long way! Also it’s not just for eyes, you can use it anywhere on your face as it targets fine lines and wrinkles too and it’s a great alternative to primer. I have noticed a little difference to the bags under my eyes, it wasn’t an immediate difference but I find applying it night and day helps my eyes look a little brighter and less puffy than normal. I wouldn’t add it to my overall beauty routine as I feel like it’s more for hydrating and refreshing rather than dark circles and wrinkles however, I will be taking it on holiday with me this year to help keep me looking bright and fresh! It’s a great product for those times when you just need a little boost.

Eyewake Collagen Gel is organic, never tested on animals and for every bottle sold a donation is made to Women’s Aid. Get yours here.

This is not a paid ad or an affiliate link, just an honest review of a gifted product.

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