Kick-start your happiness

So I’m not going to lie my mental health has not been so great recently. Sometimes I get caught up in life, focusing on different things and forget to look after myself. This normally means my positive thinking suffers and I find myself stuck in a bit of a rut.

There are so many brilliant blogs out there (I know I’ve read loads!) focusing on positivey, how to change your mindset, happiness, etc. But I often find they can be a little overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong they have the best advice but sometimes I find myself wondering where to start.

So I’ve put together this blog post for that particular reason, a starting point, whether your newly embarking on your happiness journey or if (like me) you’ve found yourself struggling to keep it up recently.

I’d like to begin with positive thinking. There is so much you can do with this but I won’t overwhelm you. I would simply start first thing on a morning, this is when I struggle and it’s easier to focus on your own thoughts. When you first wake up try to keep your thoughts positive. Notice your thoughts ‘I am tired’ or ‘I don’t want to get out of bed!’ and try and turn them around. Instead think about something your excited for that day, it could be as little as your breakfast, seeing a friend or simply that your happy for a new day (TIP. Find a motivation quote to repeat to yourself each day). This will have a big impact on your mood for the day and then when you get used to doing this you can progress to changing your mindset throughout each day.

Next is to purchase a journal. There are so many different ones out there to chose from to suit your needs (I will do a blog post for my top 5 soon). You don’t have to write a lot but most prompt you to write down your expectations, the good things in your day, tasks, health and gratitude. (TIP. I also like to reflect daily on things that I could of done better or reacted differently too). It may sound a lot but if you simply purchase a journal/planner/app it’s a start and will get you into the habit (then you can worry about which journal you want or what you want to write down). Remember I’m talking small steps here, just try it!

Lastly is health. Now I’m not going to suggest you eat healthier or change your diet as this is merely a starting point. Just remember to look after yourself, drink enough water and eat regularly so you don’t burn yourself out. It’s hard to stay happy if your feeling weak or dehydrated. Start simple, make sure you drink water everyday and have breakfast or regular snacks, but only pick 1 thing to begin with (TIP. Buy a reusable water bottle to carry around with you). Doing this will make you feel better without even realising, looking after your physical self reflects on your mental health.

Before you start I suggest you plan a little me time. Doesn’t have to be anything big, a bubble bath, uninterrupted cup of tea or a five minute walk to clear your head. Make a little plan, think about your behaviour and what it is you want to achieve (TIP. Do not beat yourself up about it, just accept it. Your doing your best). Once you have your plan I definitely recommend you do something for you first, something you enjoy that will make you feel good. It will help perk your mood up and as I said kick-start your happiness.

Remember, start with one thing at a time. You deserve happiness and you CAN achieve it.

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