Mother confidence

For those of you who don’t know me I am a very shy person. But since becoming a mother it has made me so much more confident. It has made me stop worrying about what other people might think, or even judging myself. I think becoming a parent makes you realise what is important in life and when you focus on that nothing else matters.

For many a post-baby body is a bad thing, you point out the jiggly bits, complain about the stretch marks or over share your embarrassing downstairs problems but in reality your body is amazing. Baby or no baby your body is never going to look like the hot model on the front of a magazine so let go of unrealistic expectations and be thankful for your own, healthy body. Learn to love what you’ve got instead of comparing (you probably wouldn’t be happy in their body anyway!).

The main thing is the confidence in myself. I have a purpose now, I no longer care what other people may think as I’m too busy being a mum and doing what I know best. I now practise this mindset in all situations so it has helped me overcome my shyness in a way I didn’t know was possible. Being a mum has helped my embrace my inner silliness, I no longer worry what people may think of me and am now free to truly be myself. Be who you are and don’t be ashamed about it. Don’t worry if your weird, most of us are!

So I just want to say to you all, be more confident! Use your capability of being a mother to improve yourself in other situations. Don’t be hard on yourself, most of the time people are not thinking what you think they are! Be thankful for your body, love your whole self and enjoy your life!

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