How to get up and go

As a parent getting up on a morning can be one of the struggles, lack of sleep, broken sleep, stressful days and exhaustion can all make it hard to jump out of bed when we hear our little ones calling. Here’s a few tips to help kick start your morning.

  1. Positive mind. This is a big one. It’s important to start the day with positive thoughts, it will help boost your mood and energy instantly. Try this… When you wake and hear your little one has woken up (even if it’s 5am) instead of groaning and thinking about how tired you are, think about how happy you are to start a new day. Think about seeing the smile on your child’s face and how lucky you are to have them. Have something to look forward to, be it your morning coffee, breakfast or workout. If we stop the negative thoughts we will stop waking up in a bad mood.
  2. Just get up. Even if your struggling to shift the negative thoughts or if you really are tired just get up. It’s as simple as that. We always feel better when we’re up and about, what’s the point in lying in bed for half an hour dreading getting up. Just do it and that half an hour is yours, you could have had breakfast or coffee, changed a nappy, brushed your teeth or probably all of those! Take back your time and get up!
  3. Eat and drink. Obviously eating and drinking are going to give us energy. Choose wisely though, as much as I enjoy my coffee I also have a glass of water in the morning to rehydrate as this can make us feel heaps better. Also try to choose a healthy breakfast, fruit or healthy cereal will give us much more lasting energy than sugary cereal or pastries. I used to often skip breakfast but I found I would be super tired and grumpy by lunch time as I hadn’t eaten.
  4. Don’t sit down. Be productive and get ready. Once breakfast is over go for your shower and get ready for the day instead of spending your time sat on the sofa watching kids TV. Once we are up and dressed we feel better and are much likely to get on with out day instead of wasting time doing nothing. Take back your time.

These are just a couple of things I try to stick to each day to put me in a more positive and productive mindset to start off my day!

(I have aimed this post at parents but these tips can work for anyone!)

2 thoughts on “How to get up and go

  1. Mommy Aena says:

    I love this! I was not really a morning person but since I had my baby, I have to wake up early no matter what. So these tips do work! Just get up and we’ll be ready for anything 🤗


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