Everytime we look at improving ourselves or starting a happiness journey the word gratitude pops up. Why is that? Why is gratitude so important?

Practising gratitude will help us become a better person, to be kind and positive. If we get into the habit of being grateful everyday it will help us to be happier and focus on the good in our lives.

Day to day there are lots of little things that make us smile, that make our day that little bit better, but most of the time we don’t give these things a second thought. However if something ruins our day or annoys us, we seem to cling on to these feelings, tell everyone about it and relive the moment. If we focus more on the positive moments instead of the negative we simply will be having happier thoughts.

Obviously when you have a busy life it’s so hard to remember to keep your positive mindset. This is why we try to encourage keeping a gratitude journal, writing down your thoughts of gratitude at the end of the day. This way we get into the habit of reflecting on the positive and cherishing the good things in our life. At the end of each day simply write down one or more things you are grateful for in that moment, be it in a diary or on your phone, but taking a few minutes to think about the good things will really help you become more grateful in life.

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