Growing toddlers

So I’ve recently been noticing how much Albert had been learning recently! I mean babies always grow so fast! But since he hit 16/17 months it’s been nonstop! New words everyday, better pronunciation, a growing imagination, learning to do new things, wanting to help with chores, becoming more independent… I could go on all day.

It’s important to be patient with them at this age. Don’t get me wrong it can be stressful! They are also learning how to test their boundaries and still struggling with communication so it may seem like tantrums are their new favourite thing. You have to remember that tantrums aren’t your child misbehaving but expressing their own frustrations. They have so much going on right now! And if lack of sleep isn’t helping you keep calm you have to remember that, though it is their fault you haven’t slept, they haven’t slept either and that is not their choice.

I think it’s just best to go with the flow, all children learn different things at different stages so let them lead you. Always encourage learning new things but if they are not enjoying an activity or picking up whatever you want to teach them, don’t push it. It will come eventually, when your child is ready. There is too much pressure on parents for their children to be doing certain things by a certain age, stop comparing! And if they want to read books all day or play with the same toy they need help with, as annoying as it is, do that activity over and over with them (within reason) as it really is helping them learn!

Most of all just take notice and enjoy all of the little accomplishments! It’s great fun and so wonderful to watch them learn and grow each day. Parenting can be busy, especially with multiple children, so take the time to pause now and then to really notice what your child is doing, to appreciate them and tear up over the fact they can now use a spoon or try to dress themselves (okay maybe this is just me!) but you know what I mean! Be in the moment with your child, try to understand what they’re going through and help them through it. Most of all, enjoy it!

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