Why Spend Time Outdoors?

What is it about the great outdoors? Breathing in the fresh air, the cool breeze on your skin, the sun warming your face, the sweet sound of birdsong, the bright new blooms, the sweet smell of grass, the feel of the gentle raindrops, I could go on all day!


So why is it important to spend time outdoors? There are multiple health benefits. The sun is a great source of vitamin D, you are getting more exercise, its better for your lungs to breathe in fresh air and it helps improve your immune system. It also helps to improve your mood. Exercise has been proven to have a positive effect your mood, as has spending time in the sun, both of which also help us sleep better too. I am no medical professional however, I know for sure that spending time outdoors is great for your mind and body.

It’s also super important for the little ones to spend time outdoors. It helps them to develop physically and mentally. It’s great for their overall development, exploring their senses, discovering new things, encouraging imagination and learning new skills. I also think it gives them a sense of freedom, to escape the boundaries of everyday life. It gives them a chance to explore so much within themselves and the world.

So whatever the weather, as long as your dressed appropriately, get out and enjoy the big, wide world that we live in! Nature is a truly beautiful and wonderful thing, make the most of it! Remember to wear sunscreen and to wrap up warm in colder weather (especially important for the little ones!).




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