Reduce negativity

Today I want to talk about some ways you can reduce negativity. This is an important step in self improvement, it not only makes you happier but a better person.

  • Don’t Compare

Stop comparing yourself to others. Your body, your life, your belongings. Try to focus on what you have instead of what other people have. If you learn to stop comparing this is a big step towards learning to love yourself. It’s not healthy to compare and it doesn’t really matter if people have nicer clothes or better hair, it wouldn’t make you any happier if you had those things, it would only make it easier. What matters is what you have in your life and learning to be grateful for it.

  • Stop Judging

Don’t judge! Judging people for the way they look, how they act or where they come from is a negative thought path you need to stop. Assuming someone will behave a certain way before getting to know them is just mean. Open your mind and be kind. It’s important to treat others equally and give them a chance, it will make you a better person.

  • Stop complaining

This one’s simple. Try not to complain about the obstacles in your day. Often they are minor but we replay them when we complain, making the situation affect us for much longer than it needs to. Let go of the little things instead of letting them ruin your day. If you don’t complain about something often the negative feelings will subside, instead of focusing on them and making them worse.

  • Avoid Negative People/Conversations

Often we come across people who are negative. Now I don’t mean to say avoid people completely or ignore them (as I said, don’t judge) but try avoiding getting involved in the situation. If somebody is being negative, try not to get caught up in that part of the conversation. If you have, for example, a colleague who always complains about work, try to spread your positivity when you see them instead of going along with the negative conversation.

  • Question Negative Thoughts

This is a really good way to work on your own personal development. When you feel negative thoughts creeping up on you, question yourself. Ask yourself, is it really that bad? Or why are you feeling this way? If you recognise the negative thoughts and look into them deeper, often you can resolve them without letting them take over. You have the power to stop your negative thoughts.

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