My top 5 TV programmes for toddlers

Okay so even though I’m trying to cut down on screen time at the minute, I wanted to share my top 5 TV programmes that Albert likes to watch (and that I approve of)! If you follow my Instagram @happymothernature you might have read my post about screen time. Albert was having an hour on a morning and on some days another 20 minutes late afternoon. Even though he doesn’t always stay engrossed (he goes off to play) I felt like it was having a negative effect on him. He constantly asks for the TV and had a ridiculous reaction when I tell him no. So I’ve cut his time in half. That’s being said I think it’s important to think about the shows that he does watch and sometimes you really do just need to keep them occupied for 5 minutes (I don’t condone using the TV as a babysitter, I’m talking rare occasions here!).

  1. Dave and Ava – YouTube Channel Albert has loved this since he first started watching TV. Its a wide selection of animated nursery rhymes with 2 fun main characters, I like it because it’s got loads of different classic nursery rhymes that we can all relate to and they can help with learning number, colours, animals, body parts etc. I also feel less bad about him listening to rhymes rather than watching rubbish. It’s great fun for any age!394f10d7_1512386209-kr
  2. *NEW* Tumble Leaf – Amazon Originals I literally discovered this a few days ago. It’s based in the woods, with the characters being different animals. It’s full of life lessons, exploring and enthusiasm.  I think it’s great! Albert is probably a little young for it but it seems to interest him.  I love that it encourages children to explore outdoors and make fun in everyday situations.tumbleleaf-620x262.jpg
  3. Yakka Dee – CBeebies This is perfect as it is a short 5 minute programme teaching children new words. So a word will be picked like dog, house, apple, mouse etc. Then it will show different scenarios, repeating the word to encourage children to talk. A mixture of animation and real life, Albert loves it and I find it does encourage him to join in, bonus being it is short so he’s not watching for long.cropped-YD_LOGO_1000x477
  4. Show Me Show Me – Cbeebies Okay so this isn’t my favourite but Albert seems to like it most of the time (often he gets bored as it’s a 20 minute programme). It’s good fun, I like a show with human interaction, not just cartoons all the time and it teaches children new things.p01gw1t8
  5. Paw Patrol – Nick Jr Typical, what child doesn’t like paw patrol right? So it’s probably Albert’s love of dogs that keeps him watching as he’s still a bit young to understand but I don’t mind it. There always seems to be a good lesson to learn and I like that it’s based around helping others. Typical, popular kids TV show (this just made my list over pepper pig).one_dads_unanswered_paw_patrol_questions_spark_chain_of_conspiracy_theories_on_twitter_still

So there we go, when your children do watch TV, these are the shows I approve of that also keep Albert’s attention. It’s not just important to manage their screen time but to think about what it is they’re watching (whilst we still can!).

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